By February 20, 2015

Lexus Safety System +

Lexus original

Lexus is preparing to launch a new security package this year called “Lexus Safety System +.” The main target is to achieve zero accidents and the reduction of some injuries to the passengers. The security package will combine six new systems, both active and passive to achieve greater confidence behind the wheel.

All these new systems have cameras on the front of the vehicle or radar to avoid accidents. One of them is the PCS (Pre-Crash Safety System) which, through millimeter wave radar and a camera mounted on the windscreen detects pedestrians and helps to reduce injuries to the passengers before the vehicle reaches them. If it detects, a possible danger is responsible for activating a visual and audible alert in the dashboard, and if the driver doesn’t react the car will take control of the brakes. Through the RSA (Road Sign Assist), another camera on the front of the car recognizes the speed limit of the road on which are driving and other traffic signs that will appear in the central display of the vehicle.

A system responsible for improving night vision is the AHB (Automatic High Beam). A camera installed on the headlights, detect the light beams of oncoming vehicles as well as the rear lights of the car that is behind us; by doing this it automatically alternate high beams with short to not dazzle the drivers.

During the circulation in highway or freeway, ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) calculates a safe distance from vehicles ahead of us through a millimeter wave radar. It is also in charge of maintaining a constant speed using the accelerator or brakes as required by the driver.

Finally, the LDA (Lane Departure Alert), thanks to a camera detects the lines painted on the road, both white and yellow. In case that the driver start to deviate to another lane inadvertently it will be warned by the car with a small vibration in the steering wheel in addition to an audible and visual alert. The vehicle also counts with the LKA (Lane Keep Assist), a steering that will intervene to keep the driver in the lane. All these systems will be incorporated into all the Lexus range. These new security measures are designed to help drivers and pedestrians.

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