By October 15, 2015

Lexus builds a cardboard car

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Lexus, the car company, continues to innovate by building a cardboard car. First it was the ‘Back to the Future’ skateboard that was able to float above the ground without wheels and now they’re returning to the past with a car made of cardboard sheets.

The sheets of this material have been cut and molded to shape a Lexus IS style. To manufacture it, it was necessary to create a 3D model of the vehicle and for it they needed the help of two companies specializing in the development of the prototype and architecture. The car, known as Origami, is mounted on a steel frame and aluminum and coated by 1,700 cardboard sheets with a thickness of 10 mm, precision laser cut and glued together.

Three months have been to create a car that has great detail and, despite their appearance, is powered by an electric motor.

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