By November 27, 2015

Lexus brings the heat with the 2016 GSF

2016-Lexus-GS-F-front-end3It’s been a long time since Lexus made its first foray into making a luxury sedan, way back in 2007. Now times are changing and they’re heading back full steam ahead into this market with a brand new and strong proposal that has been turning heads since it was presented in the 2015 NAIS: the 2016 GSF.

A roaring mean and efficient machine

One of the main features of the GFS is its powerful engine. A 5.0 liters 32 valves V8 block, which unloads 467 HP on the pavement, can be found under the hood of this luxurious and stylized piece of machinery. The heart of this car may not top the list of the most powerful at its range but that’s not a problem.

The implementation of smart design and efficient engineering has allowed the carmakers company to produce an automobile that is lighter (weighing just 4034 pounds) than its competitors due to the use of state of the art techniques for the chassis and overall structure; something that translates into higher speed, and overall better performance.

To pair with this engine is an automatic 8 speed paddled shift and an electronically controlled torque-vectoring differential (TVD), a team that allows the car to deliver a redline mark of 7300 RPM, and go zero to 100 mph in 10 seconds.

The incarnation of a brand that exudes luxury and style

Having to fight other top brands to forge their way into the high end sedan market, Lexus didn’t hold back on the interior or any detail that ends up defining the driving experience.

Specially molded seats give you more than just a place to sit. They give you top comfort, hugging you during the drive while providing the best grip during any high speed or unexpected maneuvers. These elements are combined with an elegant and sporty aesthetic that also features high grade Alcantara analog clocks, a 12.3 inch central video monitor that is controlled with a mouse and a superb 835 watt, 17 speakers Mark Levinson sound system (optional).

All in all, the 2016 Lexus GSF means business, bringing a solid offer into the luxury sedan market. From top to bottom, the vehicle provides all the features, warranting its place among the leaders in the segment for a price that justifies everything that it has to offer.

If you´re looking for a true luxury sedan that delivers speed and power on the road, from a powerful engine, combined with comfort and beauty of the interior without having to spend way too much money, the 2016 GSF is a clear candidate and should be sitting at the top of your list the next time that you are thinking of visiting the dealerships.

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